Jablite – EWI Insulation (Pack)

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Jablite – EWI Insulation (Pack)


Jablite HP+ External Wall Insulation Board 1200mm x 600mm

Jablite EWI HP+ is manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and can be bonded or mechanically fixed to an external wall.

It can be used in conjunction with a variety of render and cladding systems including timber or plastic weatherboarding, tile hanging and reinforced-render systems.

Jablite EWI HP+ is rot-proof and durable and will remain effective for the life of the building; recommended fixing methods will retain the boards permanently in position. It also has the added advantage of being flood-proof.

Key Benefits


  •  Lambda from 0.030W/mK
  •  100% recyclable
  • Off-cut collection
  •  Achieves an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification
  •  Lightweight and easy to handle
  •  Flood proof and durable
  •  Can be cut to fit with a sharp knife
  •  Helps to achieve a high quality rendered surface
  •  Insulates for the lifetime of the building
  •  Achieves Fire Class E

20mm (30 x sheets), 30mm (20 x Sheets), 40mm (15 x Sheets), 50mm (12 x Sheets), 60mm (10 x Sheets), 70mm (8 x Sheets), 80mm (7 x Sheets), 90mm (6 x Sheets), 100mm (6 x Sheets), 150mm (4 x Sheets), 200mm (3 x Sheets)


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