Baumit UniPrimer (25kg)

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Baumit UniPrimer (25kg)

Baumit UniPrimer is a universal surface primer formulated for external use. Perfect for preparing a range of surfaces for Baumit topcoat renders, this product can be used on mineral surfaces to provide a consistent key for further treatment.

Supplied in convenient ready to use tubs, Baumit UniPrimer delivers the ideal preparation for exterior surfaces. It is ideal for plaster or concrete or lime render and many types of mineral surface and can be applied quickly and efficiently over wide areas.

Baumit UniPrimer features include:

  • Universal organic binder with quartz sand and pigment.
  • Solvent-free with organic binders.
  • Easy to apply with roller or brush.
  • Provides the perfect foundation for further decoration.
  • Ready to use.

Typical use of Baumit UniPrimer

Baumit UniPrimer has been designed to work perfectly with Baumit NanoporTop, GranoporTop, NanoporTop Fine, UniTop Fine, SilikonTop, SilikatTop, StyleTop and MosaikTop topcoats. Coverage averages between 0.2kg/m2 on base coats and up to 0.40kg/m2 on render.

Baumit UniPrimer should not be mixed with other coatings but can be diluted (max 5% water) to aid easy application. Product should be thoroughly mixed before application and can be applied with either brush or roller. The primer requires minimum of 24 hours drying time before further coating.


25kg Tub, 5kg Tub


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