SpeedTop Addidtive (250ml)

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SpeedTop Addidtive (250ml)


In situations where render could crack or run, Baumit SpeedTop Additive can help. It speeds up the curing process and accelerates the formation of the external layer of render. This helps the render cure faster and cope better with inclement conditions. It is suitable for renders applied at temperatures ranging from 1 to 15 degrees and humidity of up to 95%.

Benefits of Baumit SpeedTop Additive:

  • Helps speed up curing of render.
  • Enables work to continue in inclement weather.
  • Suitable for working temperatures of between 1 and 15 degrees
  • Suitable for both silicone and acrylic renders.
  • Can be added directly to render as required.

Typical use of Baumit SpeedTop Additive

Baumit SpeedTop Additive should be added to silicon or acrylic render as required. It protects against unforeseen harsh weather and enables work to continue in most conditions you’re likely to come across in Great Britain. Baumit SpeedTop Additive should be added to Baumit Silkontop, FineTop or GranoporTop and mixed. Do not add water or any other product when using the additive. The 250 ml bottle is enough for 25 kg of render and should not be added to or thinned out.


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