Atlas ZW 330 (25KG)

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Atlas ZW 330 (25KG)


aerated concrete, cement screeds, as well as unplastered brick and ceramic or silicate block walls.

• Type of finishing layer – ceramic tile cladding, plaster, thin layer plaster, floor panels, etc.
Main properties
ATLAS ZW 330 mortar is produced as a dry mixture of the highest quality cement binder, quartz fillers and refining additives.

Allows a very quick start to subsequent work – under normal conditions, the tiles can be laid after approx. 5 hours (at a layer thickness of 5 mm).

Reduces wear and tear on adhesive mortars, plasters and floor underlays and flooring.

Plastic consistency – the working parameters ensure easy application and the desired filling of cavities in the repaired surface.

High mechanical strength:
– compressive min. 20 MPa
– bending min. 4.0 MPa.

Reinforced with polypropylene fibres that:
– reduce cracks resulting from shrinkage during mortar setting,
– allow thicker layers of mortar to be applied to vertical surfaces without run-off effect,
– ensure even water transport during drying.

No shrinkage cracks.

A wide range of layer thicknesses – from 3 to 30 mm in one pass – moreover, when mixed with quartz sand (grain size up to 2 mm) at a weight ratio of 1:4 (sand : dry mortar), layer thicknesses of 31 mm to 60 mm can be extended (when filling cavities and levelling horizontal surfaces).


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