Atlas Roker W (25KG)

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Atlas Roker W (25KG)


Product description
ATLAS ROKER W is produced as a dry mixture of the highest quality cementitious binder, aggregates, polymer disper-sions and modifying agents.

In external wall and ceiling insulation systems – for bonding mineral wool insulation boards up to 30 cm thick.

It is recommended for insulation work in passive and ener-gy-saving construction and energy-efficient buildings.

Main properties
Very high adhesion – due to its increased polymer dispersion content, the adhesive exhibits high adhesion to mineral and ceram-ic substrates and to mineral wool boards. This parameter is also favourably influenced by the varied, tight bulk pile of the aggregate mixture. The mortar adheres strongly even to difficult substrates, e.g. paint-coated surfaces with good adhesion to the substrate.

High elasticity – the increased dispersion content increases the elasticity of the mortar, which perfectly compensates for the stresses resulting from thermal and service interactions on the layers of the system.

Increased resistance to the formation of cracks and fissures – thanks to the structural fibre reinforcement, the mortar has increased resistance to:
– formation of micro-scratches in the initial setting stage,
– the formation of cracks during the life of the system.

Highly vapour-permeable – the mortar layer does not restrict the flow of water vapour through the insulated envelope, which is particularly important when using mineral wool.

Main parameters
Mixing ratio (water/dry mix): 5.50 ÷ 6.00 l/25 kg
Pot life: approx. 2 hours
Open time: min. 30 minutes




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