Fassa KI7 Basecoat (25KG)

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Fassa KI7 Basecoat (25KG)


Fibre reinforced lime/cement base coat plaster with water-repellent properties, for exteriors and interiors

KI 7 is used as a base coat plaster on bricks and honeycombed bricks, concrete blocks, rough concrete, expanded clay etc. For special underlays you need to follow the instructions of the supplier. KI 7 is indicated as the ideal external foundation for mineral-based wall coverings and for IP 10 finishing plaster available in 1 mm gradings.

The advantages of greater water resistance:

Longer durability of the plaster

Dry walls and consequently better heat insulation

Greater dimensional stability and consequently lesser tendency for cracks to form

Less rising damp due to capillary action

In bulk in silo

Special bags with moisture protection from approx. 25kg


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