Everbuild S.B.R Bond (5L)

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Everbuild S.B.R Bond (5L)


Reduce cracking and shrinking when mortaring with this SBR bonding agent from Everbuild. It’s great for waterproofing outside areas that are liable to be damp, humid or continuously exposed to water or steam. Use it as a bonding agent, primer, sealer and admixture for renderings and floor screeds.

By adding this latex-based SBR bond to your cement mixes, they’ll bond more easily, last longer and become more flexible thanks to the reinforcing polymers contained within it. It also gives a high level of resistance to damage by salt and frost.

In addition, combining the liquid with concrete helps stop the formation of dust, keeping your areas cleaner. It’s multi-purpose, and makes an ideal inclusion to your toolkit. Because the agent is water-based, it’s easy to clean up when your job’s finished.

  • Approximate coverage of 4 m²
  • Reduces cracking and shrinking in repair and screeding mixes
  • Excellent waterproofing properties
  • Prevents dust build-up to keep areas cleaner
  • Latex-based
  • Suitable for use as a bonding agent, primer, sealer and admixture


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