BIS 12mm Cement Render Board (1.2m x 2.4m)

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BIS 12mm Cement Render Board (1.2m x 2.4m)


Eco Fibre Cement boards with superior features which can be used in all kinds of facade cladding and rendering applications of buildings. They are named as fibrecement boards as a global definition. Eco smooth boards are produced of a mixture totally natural materials and they are environment, ecology and human-friendly. Fibrecement boards can be processed and assembled easily with the proper tools according to the surface details they will be used on.

External wall cladding has multiple different purposes, from improving weather resistance and thermal insulation (when fitted with standard insulation products) to improve the appearance of a building. Cladding on the exterior of a structure can protect the building from the effects of sun, rain, and snow, while also providing extra insulation throughout the colder months. As well as this, external cladding can completely transform the decorative appearance of a structure, whether it be a house, office, or any other building. This goes for all types of facade solutions.


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