Baumit StarTex Fine Mesh 160g (1x50m)

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Baumit StarTex Fine Mesh 160g (1x50m)


Baumit StarTex Fine is a strong reinforcing mesh for Baumit EWI systems. Comprised of glass fibre, this mesh is the ideal way to provide warp-resistant support for mortar on building facades. Supplied in sheets of 50 x 1m with a weight of 160g/m2, this mesh is suitable for applying over basecoat render.

Baumit StarTex Fine is easy to use and can be applied to masonry and mixed surface facades with the correct basecoat. It is also alkali-resistant to help maintain surface quality over time.

Baumit StarTex Fine features include:

  • Supplied in easy to use rolls.
  • Can be used diagonally, on corners and openings.
  • 4 x 4 reinforced mesh for reinforcing render.
  • High tear resistance of 1.8 kN/5cm.
  • Can be used as part of Baumit external wall insulation systems.

Typical use of Baumit StarTex Fine 160g/m2

Baumit StarTex Fine 160g/m2 reinforcing mesh is flexible and easy to use. Ideal for corners, openings and all kinds of building facades, this flexible material makes an excellent reinforcing layer for a range of surfaces.

Usually, Baumit StarTex Fine is applied on wet reinforcement basecoat render. Ensure there are no creases, bubbles or tears and position as required. Apply base coat or render as necessary and allow to dry before further coats.


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