6mm Clip-On Beads Profile For Starter Tracks (2.5m)

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6mm Clip-On Profile For Starter Tracks (2.5m)


Specifically designed to work with our aluminium starter track (2.5 linear meters), this clip on profile bead creates a neat finish at the bottom of an external wall insulation system where the insulation finishes.

This bead clips on to the starter track and the the fibreglass mesh wing runs up the front of the insulation where basecoat adhesive is used to tie the different components together.

The clip on profile also has a drip nose, to ensure water running down the surface of the render cannot travel back towards the wall and create damp issues.

We recommend buying an equal number of aluminium starter track and clip on profile as they go together hand in hand.

Intended Uses:

The Clip-on Profile attaches with ease onto the aluminium starter track and completes the starting base. It combines the track with reinforcement mesh, which increases the durability and strength of the system as well as providing a more professional finish.

Technical Specifications:

  • Linear Meterage: 2.5 meters
  • Mesh: Reinforced fibreglass – UV & Weatherproof and impact resistant
  • Materials: PVC & Fibreglass Mesh


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