Atlas Silcone Render White 1.5mm

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Atlas Silcone Render White 1.5mm


Product description
ATLAS SILICONE RENDER is a thin-coat render for application of finishing coats with decorative spotted texture.
For indoor and outdoor use.
Recommended as a finishing coat during installation of building insulation with the use of polystyrene, XPS or mineral wool boards.
For façades exposed to soiling and difficult operation conditions – perfect for buildings located in the vicinity of busy roads, in cities or highly contaminated zones, in areas surrounded by clusters of greenery.
Main properties
Modern thin-coat silicone render based on advanced siloxane resins.
Resistant to deposition of pollution from the surroundings – forms coat of tight and low absorbent structure, which prevents moisture penetration into its structure – therefore surface keeps dry and impairs deposition of contamination.
Self-cleaning during precipitation – does not require frequent preserving actions.
Forms dense and very clear spotted texture 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm thick.
Render with aggregate 1.5 mm thick is also recommended for machine application with rendering units.
BIO PROTECTION – creates unfavorable conditions for fungi and algae growth due to low water absorption and acid-alkaline reaction.
ELASTICITY AND STRENGTH – formula providing improved elasticity and resistance to impacts; render compensates stress resulting from surface hits better, keeps consistent, does not chip off.
COLOUR DURABILITY – advanced technology provides colour durability resulting from the use of modern pigments, automatic system of dozing and permanently supervised process of manufacturing – render keeps its initial colour, is more resistant to bleaching and UV radiation.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – render recipe was designed in accordance to the sustainable development aspects: maximally reduced amount of volatile organic compounds and use of natural fillers only.
RESISTANT TO CRACKING – improved resistance resulting from the presence of dispersed microfibers, which strengthen the render within its entire volume – render is protected against possible cracks caused by tension and alternate surface heating and cooling.
Main parameters
400 colours –in accordance with SAH Colour Scheme for Renders and Paints
1 texture – spotted – N
Aggregate grain size: – up to 1.5 mm – N-15 – up to 2.0 mm – N-20


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